Can friendship survive three years of lies, a famous rock band, obsessive fans and well-meaning mothers?

Tressa Morrison has carefully faked a normal life for herself to keep her New Zealand e-friend Sonia’s friendship. Her father, the lead singer in Craic - the most famous Irish band in the world, makes a normal life difficult. The band are about to tour New Zealand. All Tressa needs is one week of fake normality visiting with her on-line friend. Her Peter Jackson obsessed brother and her rock star father can pretend for one week, can’t they?

This is a funny poignant story of a girl trying to have a normal life inside The Craic.

Reading Age: 8-12 year olds.

Maureen Crisp is a school teacher based in New Zealand. She has published with School Journal NZ and Penguin and she writes a popular column for a nationally distributed school newspaper.